What We Do

The Tuidang Movement has thousands of dedicated volunteers inside China, and many hundreds of volunteers outside of China. In fact, in every city with a significant population of Chinese people around the world, there will be a few dedicated Tuidang volunteers. Unfortunately, with our limited financial resources, we are not as well coordinated as we would hope to be, but for many shortcomings of our Tuidang signs, banners, booths and tables, our volunteers make up for it with a simple desire to help the Chinese people free themselves from the control the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Program to Educate Chinese about the Evil of Communism
Underground print shops in China produce tiny news print copies of “The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”, along with copies of renunciations and articles, which Tuidang volunteers distribute around the country. Tuidang supporters actively encourage people to quit the CCP, collecting lists of names or aliases of people that quit, then submitting them online.

In addition, volunteers make phone calls into China, along with those doing it from within China itself, to expose the crimes committed in the name of the CCP, and their cost to China.

Program to Help Chinese People Renounce the Chinese Communist Party
People from all walks of life in China renounce the CCP by phone, fax, internet, and personal delivery of names and lists. When on the internet inside China, volunteers often use software developed by the Global Internet Freedom Consortium to pass through the Internet blockade. Renunciations are collected each day Tuidang Centers around the world, via internet, mail, and phone. Over 50,000 renunciations are processed every day. Each renunciation is given a serial number, and they are stored in a secure Tuidang database. The text of most renunciations can be read at Tuidang.Dajiyuan.com.